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Clean technology encompasses a diverse range of innovative products and services that optimize the use of natural resources or reduce the negative environmental impact of their use while creating value by lowering costs, improving efficiency or providing superior performance.

“Our survey results clearly reveal that the world’s largest corporations are hastening their adoption of cleantech products and services to create a competitive advantage. Corporations are being driven to implement a resource-efficiency agenda based on cleantech to improve operations and reduce costs, respond to climate change, achieve sustainability goals, generate revenue, decrease dependency on fossil fuels and comply with current and anticipated regulations. For investors and entrepreneurs, the increasing interest and activity of multinational corporations in cleantech emphasize the growing market opportunities in this arena.”

Ernst & Young 2009. Cleantech matters – Global cleantech insights and trends report 2009 – 2010.

The principal of the Amorphous Group Limited have more than forty years’ experience in the early identification of internationally significant opportunities in the resource, energy and technology areas which are attractive to this burgeoning investment sector.

Dr Alan L. Walker - Executive Chairman
Ms Young Sun Kim-Walker - Executive Director
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